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Making the Commitment

Fitness — which includes not only exercise, but good nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle — doesn't begin and end with personal training sessions. It's a life choice, one that requires not only a commitment of time but also a commitment of mind. A person needs to be ready to make an investment in their health and well-being and be willing to make changes to achieve their goals.

You must be ready to take on the challenge of working with me to reach your potential. I will push you to do things you may not believe you can do at first, but you'll be amazed at how your body can respond to a properly designed — and always changing — training program.

And while I can provide tools, encouragement, and training while I'm with you, our time together is only a small fraction of any given week. Your commitment to following the program I design will go a long way toward the success of your plan.


Since each client is unique, I design programs specifically based on the abilities, goals, and fitness level of the individual. I have a wide variety of equipment in my studio that allows me to provide challenging workouts for seasoned athletes, as well as sessions tailored for beginners.

I offer individual, partner, and group sessions, as well as complete fitness evaluations (required for each new client), nutrition support, e-mail support, and sport-specific training.

In addition to using my studio, I can conduct training sessions at a client’s location (home, office gym, or other facility), or at public facilities where I put on Boot Camps for several people at one time. While I can't perform training at many large fitness clubs, I will often be able to arrange to train at smaller facilities or gyms located in such places as apartments and condo complexes.

Private Sessions

A private session consists of one-on-one training time with me, including a custom-designed workout for each session. A single session will average about an hour, although some sessions may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the goals for that session. Top

Partner Sessions

Partner sessions consist of me working with two individuals at the same time. Similar to a private session, each workout will be custom-designed based on our agreed-upon goals and will run approximately an hour, although some sessions may be slightly longer or shorter. Top

Small Group Fitness

I conduct group fitness classes at my studio for groups of 3-5 individuals for an hour. These sessions are designed to be challenging to the entire group, and will include exercises that can be modified based on the fitness level of each participant. Each session runs for approximately one hour. Top

Boot Camps

For those that want to do large group fitness, I provide boot camps for 6 or more people that can be held at outdoor locations or larger indoor facilities. Call me so we can discuss the specific needs of your group. Top

Sport-Specific Training

From football to basketball to running to just about any sport, I can design a program to help clients improve in areas critical to sports performance. These programs can be beneficial for everyone from younger athletes to seasoned veterans looking for an edge. Top

Comprehensive Fitness Evaluation

Prior to starting any fitness program it is important to understand the medical and fitness history of a client as well their goals and any specific limitations. I will perform a complete assessment that includes a blood pressure check, health history questionnaire, current fitness evaluation, etc. This process takes a little over two hours and will provide me with the information I need to design the most appropriate program for a client. Top

Nutritional Support

In order for the body to get the most benefit from an exercise program, it is important to eat and drink the right foods and take in enough calories to ensure muscles can recover from the stress of exercise. As part of a personal training commitment I provide insight into what foods can help provide the necessary nutrition to be successful. Top

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a personal trainer? Top

  • Help you set goals.
    Whether your goals are weight loss or body building, a personal trainer will not only know how to personalize your workouts to reach your goals, but do so while keeping in mind your personal schedule and other potential obstacles.
  • Keep you accountable.
    Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is making it to the gym. Knowing your personal trainer is there waiting for you helps you stay committed to your fitness goals. Also, having a personal trainer should make working out more fun for you, which will give you another reason for making it to your scheduled workout.
  • Learn how to do exercises properly.
    Leads to fewer injuries and better results.
  • Shorten the time you spend working out.
    Using a personal trainer allows you to work out smarter – not longer. They’ll show you how to get the job done quickly and efficiently – and still get results.
  • Take you to new levels.
    A good personal trainer will push you to new levels and get you out of any plateau.
  • Variety.
    A personal trainer will give you new and exciting ways to work every muscle in your body. They add excitement and variety to a routine so that it doesn’t become stagnant and uninspiring.
  • Track your success.
    Personal trainers will track the different workouts that you are doing so every few months they can provide you with a measurement of your gains.

What are your Personal Training qualifications? Top

  • Diploma of Certification – Personal Training
  • Certificate of Nutritional Education
  • Graduate of National Personal Training Institute
  • CrossFit Endurance Certification
  • Dragon Door RKC I, RKC II, and HKC Kettlebell Instructor
  • TRX RIP Certified
  • CPR-AED Trained
  • Conduct complete Fitness Assessments on all clients
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Testing
  • Muscular Fitness and Flexibility Testing
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Screening for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • Program Design for both healthy and special populations

How many times a week should I train with you? Top

Generally speaking, twice a week is a good rule of thumb, especially when starting out with a new fitness program. Either fewer sessions or more sessions may be necessary depending on your goals as well as the amount of time you have.

I need you to come to my house to train but I don't have a gym; what are my options? Top

I can bring a variety of equipment, including resistance bands, stability balls, a Bosu, a weighted rope, some smaller weights and a weighted vest. While I can't bring a full suite of equipment, there are a number of excellent exercises available that use portable tools, including a number of cardio and body weight exercises.

Why are rates higher when you train at my house or another location? Top

When I travel to another location, especially one that is distant from my studio, I am using time that would normally be used to train other clients. As such, I need to recover some of the revenue that I would otherwise be getting at my studio.

Do you work with children? Top

Yes, I am qualified to work with children, especially in regards to working with them on sports-specific exercises.

I have asthma - can you train me? Top

Yes, I can provide training to people with asthma, but you'll need to provide medical clearance from your doctor. I can tailor your program to meet the needs of your condition.

What forms of payment do you accept? Top

I accept checks, cash, and credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover).