PR Pelvic Health

Take Control of your Pelvic Health

Be fit. Be sexy. Be in control! PR Pelvic Health offers the Total Control™ Program. This medically-based fitness and educational program has been shown in research to boost sex, flatten tummies, improve bladder control; it can and will change your life!

What is the Total Control™ Program?

It’s a gynecologist designed and medically-based total body workout that puts the focus on fitness from the inside out. Emphasis is first placed on strengthening the pelvic core. This no-impact program is designed for women of all ages to improve flexibility and strength, as well as promote sexual and bladder health. The seven-week course meets twice a week and includes 60 minutes of exercise followed by 15 minutes of key tips to improve your pelvic health and fitness. Increase your energy, inner power & confidence!

What makes Total Control™ different from other fitness programs?

While all major muscle groups are addressed to ensure a total body workout, emphasis is placed on the special needs of a woman’s body to strengthen and stabilize the Pelvic Pyramid.

What is the Pelvic Pyramid?

Three important muscle groups (the transverse abdominals, multifidus and pelvic floor) make up the Pelvic Pyramid. You may have never heard of these muscles, but by the end of the course, you’ll be in tune with your core. Strengthen the Pelvic PyramidTM and you strengthen your whole body.

How will Total Control™ help a new mother’s body?

The pelvic muscles can become stretched and weakened by the baby during labor and delivery. By strengthening this key muscle group as part of a full-body workout, you promote healing, restore muscle tone and improve your sexual and bladder health.

What age group should exercise the Pelvic Pyramid?

It’s important for women of all ages to maintain pelvic floor muscle strength. Many factors can put a woman’s pelvic muscles at risk including childbirth, nutrition, urinating habits, obesity, menopause and pelvic surgery. Like any other muscle, exercise improves the conditioning and strength of the pelvic muscles. Become healthier from the inside out.

Will Total Control™ help me improve my sexual health?

Yes, by increasing the blood flow to the genital area and strengthening and toning the muscles of the pelvic floor, you can increase both your sexual pleasure and health.

Will Total Control™ help me sleep through the night?

Yes. Contracting (squeezing) the pelvic floor muscles can decrease the feeling of urgency. Enjoy a full night’s sleep, wake up refreshed and energized.

Will Total Control™ help me improve my bladder health?

If you don’t always make it to the bathroom in time, or you worry about coughing, laughing or sneezing, take heart ... you are among millions of women who struggle with this embarrassing condition. By exercising the Pelvic Pyramid, you strengthen the key muscles that support the pelvis, bladder and urethra, thereby enhancing their optimal function.

What other benefits does the Total Control™ exercise program offer?

Strengthening and toning your pelvic muscles improves your posture through better spine and pelvic alignment. Stand tall and feel confident!