About Personal Radiance

For over 20 years I worked in various management positions in sales operations and customer service, but decided that it was time to branch out in a new direction and start my own business.

When thinking about what kind of business I wanted to create, I kept coming back to things that I’ve always loved and felt were important to me and to others.

Since I was young, I’ve been active - swimming, biking, running, and eventually all three together - and I felt that I could offer much in the way of helping others with their fitness goals. What better way to do that than to become a personal trainer and share my fitness experiences with others? 

I am a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, which is recognized by the Department of Education for its training program. Having completed 500 hours of in-depth classroom study on muscular development, physiology, and nutrition along with gym-based training on key aspects of strength and cardiovascular exercises, I am prepared to offer a wide range of services to fit a variety of needs.

I am RKC II Kettlebell Certified through Dragon Door, as well as CrossFit Endurance Training Certified and can provide instruction on Pose running, a method for running that can greatly reduce injury and improve overall performance.

Having experienced many challenges to maintaining fitness during my life — working full time, having three children, struggling to find time in the day to work out, etc. — I feel that I have a great perspective on the difficulties people face in trying to improve their health and can use those experiences to help my clients be successful.

As part of my personal training services, I am a representative for JuicePlus+, which offers products designed to complement your fitness activities with healthy nutrition choices.